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I'm dedicated to helping people learn how to reach their goals and have fun doing it. After contacting me you will receive a guide for your training routine within 3 days. Depending on your requests, you will be given variations of my HIIT workouts. Remember, every workout is fully customizable to suit individual needs. In order to avoid overtraining and overuse injuries, we will mix up your HIIT choices to keep things fresh and interesting. Also you will be given links to a couple free apps I utilize to give you all the resources you need to succeed. The first is Trainerize, an app you can download on your mobile device to track workouts and body stats, streaming exercise videos, and messaging. Another app I recommend is Body-for-Life app which will keep track of fitness goals, meal plans, body measurements and much more.  


Your current lifestyle and activities are important. I encourage you to continue participating in any healthy activities you like, since this is the groundwork to build your lifestyle plan. In this process we can assess your goals and strategize a plan to reach those goals. Activities can include team sports, cycling, running, boxing, weight lifting, or just about anything that keeps you active. By combining your current activities with CrevFit we can work on enhancing your aerobic and anaerobic capacity. Even if there is minimal activity in your routine, my expertise will guide you and remove any guesswork from the equation. 


Exercise alone doesn't work. Unless we combine nutrition and daily habit building, new habits cannot be promoted. I understand that change can be uncomfortable. That is why my coaching plan includes nutritional and social support. We will proceed as quickly in our programs as necessary to make a healthy change. For example, in a weight loss program it is advised to cut 500 calories from your daily diet in order to lose 1 pound of fat per week. This is the basic method used to effectively lose weight and keep it off. We will also discuss the appropriate method to train with your motivation and confidence of utmost importance.


Why pay a personal trainer at a gym to get results that are attainable from home? Are you tired of working out and seeing no results? Join me and hundreds of others to achieve a great body and lifestyle at a fraction of the price.

Benefits of CrevFit


Innovative HIIT program that requires no equipment or weights


No gym membership and you can workout at home, on the road, or on vacation.


It's cost effective and time effective



Anyone can do it, anytime, anywhere


Fits your lifestyle and work schedule

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Great for mobility, flexibility, and injury prevention

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