Boosting Metabolism to Lose Weight

Take a look at all the news in fitness lately. Each website and fitness buff thinks they have the best method to lose weight by boosting your metabolism. There are tons of supplements and tricks to help you boost your metabolism quickly and lose weight rapidly. But the fact is, these supplements rarely work and they don’t have healthy effects on the body. I have a little information that will help you sift through all the crazy talk and find what actually works.

There are 6 steps to follow:

  1. Drink more water- Drinking cold water is an effortless way to boost your metabolism. By even a little water (about 16 ounces) your body is able to burn more calories. Within ten minutes this will start to take effect, but your body won’t reach maximum calorie burn until 30-40 minutes after.
  2. Eat then exercise- Contrary to popular belief, you must eat to get lean. Digesting food and absorbing/storing nutrients requires energy. By severely cutting calories your metabolic rate will slow. On top of that, starving yourself causes a catabolic breakdown of muscle and healthy tissue to satisfy energy requirements of the body. This also slows your calorie burning potential. Boost the burn by working out after eating light meals.
  3. Then eat again! – This is an important step in your diet. After working out it is important to fuel muscle recovery with food. It is also important to keep the metabolic cycle going by giving your body a little fuel to burn. Breaking up your meals will help you get leaner and more fit.
  4. Eat plenty of protein- Protein is the best fuel source for gaining lean muscle. Choosing the right source of protein is key, since some sources are higher in protein than others. eg. Eggs, poultry, seafood and dairy. This is essential for maintaining muscle and as an added bonus, burning calories.

Don’t for get to sleep!- getting enough sleep could help your body burn more calories.


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