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For those of you who are already enjoying an active and fullfilling lifestyle:

This program also has options for specialized plans for you. We can cocreate a program for sport-specific or special interests. Take a look at the specialized packages in the online store for more information.

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CrevFit Fitness Coaching

Chris Creveling is a certified Lifestyle Fitness Coach (CLFC). The CrevFit training model is designed with variations of HIIT (high- intensity- interval- training) that can be done on your own terms. Generally after completing a workout you will be energized and motivated to increase your reps the following day. This is the building block to creating healthy habits that will permanently stick with you. After identifying your motivators there also needs to be time left afterwards for work, time with your family and life in general.

Forget the endless running and elliptical machine workouts. Not only is that time consuming, but it could hurt you in the long run. Low-impact HIIT workouts are the modern alternative to traditional cardio. Check out this article about HIIT benefits. I advise you to workout with a friend or spouse to ensure you hold each other accountable for completing the workouts. Sharing your experience will also help you stick to the nutrition goals, and see long lasting and meaningful lifestyle changes. 

Everything will be laid out in the guidelines of your personalized program. Complete the first cycle and after 6 weeks the next workout cycle begins. No one should train for more than 12 weeks at a time, so a mandatory 1 week break is necessary. This rest week will provide time for low intensity exercises and time to focus on recovery while you reflect on how great your feel since you chose fitness as a lifestyle. 

Variations of HIIT Programs

· Shaping and toning: ideal for burning fat and getting a great summer body.

· Skater legs: this is my personal favorite to gain stability and leg/glute strength.

· Full body blast: get the benefits of this metabolism boosting full-body workout.

· Stability and Posture: corrective exercises to promote well-being and health.
  And many more...

Remember: The main goal in all these workouts is to get the proper form for each exercise before increasing the intensity.

We will keep the workouts short and increase the intensity as you get more and more fit. The intensity is of course subject to your current fitness level. If you think this program may be too much for you, think again. To get started we will focus on what you can do and step up from there. Then you will see the hidden rewards - like mindfulness and nutritional knowledge. Combining these workouts with proper nutrition will enhance the benefits. More advanced athletes can complete the next level of the program to train just like I did for the 2014 Olympic games. 

Nutritional Experience

I have dedicated my whole life to living fit and healthy. Lets work together to build a program that works for you! There are different approaches to reaching the most common goals like weight loss, strength gains, or just to feel better. One thing that will be the same throughout all the approaches is keeping you energized for your workouts. We will keep track of your caloric intake and make sure you are getting enough fuel to perform your best.

The main focus will be to match your goals for fitness with your nutritional requirements. It is also important to get enough rest and recovery when doing HIIT so we will be keeping tabs on how you're feeling as well. By utilizing your body measurements and stats we can discover your body fat percentage, weight, and BMI (body-mass-index). More importantly we can use this information to adjust your meal planner, approved foods list and what to avoid, and more. I just have one question for you. Are you ready to be in the best shape of your life?

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